The Giver and his reflection

Reflection           He thought he recognized the voices heard from a previous memory but he couldn’t seem to remember. The memory had been fleeting, Jonas had not yet realized he was not really hearing people singing he was hearing his own memory of the beautiful piano playing back at the givers dwelling. For a few short moments Jonas and Gabrielle believe in the beautiful noise they were hearing but like all the others the that memory is fleeting leaving little hope in their minds. They will not give up, they will push, and they will continue sliding down the now dark and narrow passage they used to know. Gabe’s hands now cold as ice wrapped up in Jonas’s.

Jonas can now see nothing, only a vague path he hopes to continue on. An unexpected visitor, a memory of him and lily dancing in the living room of their dwelling is interrupted by the firing guns louder than imaginable going off inside Jonas’s head. It stopped, he realized the gunshots, the love, the… Jonas could not conjure up a precise word to use but no longer cared. Hate, that’s what he knew, hate, that was not precise it was unused and pushing out ready to conquer all. Jonas, continuing with Gabe in his arms like he belonged there and only there all his life, was now ready to let Gabe become one with his memories. Again like all others their hopes and memories were fleeting, already disappearing into the dark wilderness they knew nothing of. Jonas could only dream of their fate, he dreamt of a family made perfectly for Gabrielle and himself, he dreamt of the warm fire and the love. The love was the one thing Jonas knew Gabe needed more than anything, he needed the care and compassion only the family Jonas dreamt up could offer.

“ Its alright Gabe we will be ok.” Jonas Said knowing the outcome may be the opposite.

“ We will find our destination weather it’s today, tomorrow or an infinity from now.” Now trying to reassure the frostbitten child, Jonas kissed Gabrielle’s head.

You can now see the tears streaming from Jonas’s face, turning to ice as soon as they leave his sad eyes. The tears blocking Jonas’s vision were slowly disappearing. He could now see the path better than before, and now with an ending, a light shining at the end of his forgotten path. Once Jonas could see the supposed ending his mind began to complete the story he had been writing since he was a six. His once forbidden story had begun in his early childhood with no completion in sight, until his job assignment was given and he finally began to realize his fate. He knew then and there his story had an end and not a mundane one. Jonas’s mind returns to the present, the sadness, the ending, Gabe’s once bright eyes began to darken, he began to fall asleep.

“ Please leave now or you will never return to where you came from.” A feminine yet distraught voice heard from afar.

“What is going on?” Jonas thought to his puzzled self. He now knew, it was a woman at the end of the story; it was a woman at the end of their path. He was extraordinarily curious as to who was in the dark shadow of the trees. Both Gabe and Jonas needed to know the ending to their story, to their life.

The curious girl asked their names not having the previous knowledge. Little did the strange girl know she was peering at the receiver of memory, the boy with it all.

Little did the curious boy know he was seeing the girl who was released from his job, the girl he had only heard of in what he thought were fictitious stories.

Jonas asked with question in his voice, “What is your name?”

The strange girl answered, “My name is Rosemary, my father was the Giver, and I was the one who was released, the one you have been hearing about in their stories.” She said knowing nothing of the future.

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